Welcome to Andromeda Pension.


Welcome to one of the most beautiful pensions in town, with all the latest facilities and spaces that sustain their traditional style, combining tranquility, luxury and cleanliness. In the first Capital of Greece, you will enjoy unique moments of peace and relaxation away from the stress-creating paces of the large cities. Welcome to Andomeda pension!



According to ancient mythology, Andromeda was the daughter of King Kifeas and Cassiopia. She was said to be tied on a rock, to become a sacrifice for a giant fish. Perseus, passing by this area, saw Andromeda and was charmed so much that he defeated the sea monster and married her. Legend tells that goddess Athena set the heroes of this beautiful story up on the sky, in the form of constellations. It is true that, high up on the sky of the northern hemisphere, glazes with a pale light Andromeda, surrounded by Perseus, Pegasus, Kifeas and Cassiopia.


As the name suggests, Nafplion was probably a naval station in ancient times, for the neighbouring Mycenae and Argos, even though according to mythology, it was founded by Nafplios, son of Poseidon, and his son Palamedis.The latter was also believed to have invented board games, like dice, to entertain Greek during the Trojan Wars.